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Dependable Commercial Electrical Wiring and Maintenance

From commercial electrical wiring to troubleshooting your home electrical wiring, ZAP Electrical Contractors has got you covered. We provide commercial electrical maintenance as well as industrial building electrical design and are confident we can supply all of your electrical needs. Not only does ZAP Electrical Contractors do work on your home, but we have also created lighting plans for facilities, as well as applications for retail and commercial sites.

Looking for something more environmentally friendly? We understand the market for eco-friendly products is growing, and in support of these needs, we are proud to provide solar energy services, installation and maintenance. Working with ZAP Electrical Contractors, you can expect superior customer service, excellent installation and superior maintenance.

solar panels

Work With ZAP Today

With over 95% of our customers as repeat customers or referrals, we are confident you will find working with us is the right choice. Partner with our skilled team today and receive the excellent results and quality customer service.

When Working With Our Team, You can Expect:

  • High Quality: With over 20 years of experience, you can expect only the best from our skilled and experienced team. From customer service to installation, the quality you will receive will be unbeatable.
  • Safety: All of our work exceeds the National Electric Code, as well as state and local requirements. Your safe utilization of electricity is our top priority and you can rest assured you will be in safe hands.
  • Affordability: We will work within your budget, without compromising on high-quality service and installation.

ZAP Also Offers:

  • Responsiveness: At ZAP Electrical Contractors, we believe in communication and rapid response. We are here to answer all of your questions and concerns and are always available for you.
  • Cooperation: Expect quality workmanship and cooperation between all trades. At ZAP, we work hard to stay within established deadlines and work together to finish you project in a quality and timely manner.
  • Service: Our commitment is to you, our customer, and we take pride in the excellent reputation we have garnered over the years. Expect only the best customer service when working with our skilled team.



ZAP Electrical Contractors Services

Our services at ZAP Electrical Contractors range from industrial building electrical design to home electrical troubleshooting

Our services include:

  • 24/7 Service for Residential and Commercial: We are committed to being there for you 24/7. Rest assured our team is available for you at any time of the day.
  • Residential New Service Upgrades and Repairs: We work with custom homes are happy to customize our services to upgrade or repair your home.
  • Residential Generators and Transfer Switches
  • Commercial Power and Lighting: Our team is experts at industrial building electrical design and can design plans and applications for your industrial or commercial site.
  • Commercial/Industrial LED Retro Design Installation
  • Commercial/Industrial Power and Lighting Distribution
  • Commercial UPS and Generator Power Systems
  • LED Lighting Design
solar panels

Solar Energy Consultations

We provide free energy consultations for all our energy saving options. With more and more people choosing renewable energy options, we are happy to provide solar energy services and solar installation for your home or office. Call us today for your free solar energy consultation.

To Find Out More About Our Services, Call Us Now!